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Dr. Jeff Rohlfs

Jeff received an A.B. from Amherst College and a Ph.D. in economics from M.I.T. He worked at Bell Labs for 14 years, serving as Head of the Department for Economic Modeling Research.

Since 1983, Jeff has been a consultant, primarily on public-policy issues in telecommunications. He has consulted for a wide range of special interests and government organizations, in the United States and a dozen other countries.

Jeff was a pioneer in the development of network economics. His original article was reprinted in 2011 with an introduction by Richard Schmalensee entitled "Jeffrey Rohlfs' 1974 Model of Facebook" (Available here). The Schmalensee introduction is a free download from here. Jeff's original article can be downloaded from this site.

In 2001, he wrote Bandwagon Effects in High Technology Industries, which was nominated for the Book-of-the-Year award in its field. This book is available from MIT Press: Bandwagon Effects in High Technology Industries

Jeff plays golf and tennis at a decidedly amateur level. He also sings in Encore Chorale ( and plays the ancient board game of go.

Jeff believes the greatest value of his work will be its ability to reach the greatest number of readers; hence his decision to make Boss or Dupe a free download.